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Name Type Size [М] Date
Country health information profile
PDF 43.00M 2010
Third Health sector development project
PDF 0.39M 2009
Health Sector Strategic Master Plan 2006-2015
PDF 1.00M 2005
Economic development report for 2001
PDF 0.50M 2002
About Mongolia
PDF 126.00M 2000
A Rapid assessment and response to HIV and drug use in Mongolia
PDF 0.85M 2009
Higher education reform in a transitional economy: a case study from the School of Economic Studies in Mongolia
PDF 0.60M 1999
Methods for the Assessment of Livestock Development Interventions in Smallholder Livestock Systems
Jonathan Rushton
PDF 0.90M 2003
Territorial organization of Mongolian pastoral livestock husbandry in the transition to a market economy
Batjav Batbuyan
PDF 0.60M 1990
Economic growth support and poverty reduction strategy
PDF 0.90M 2003
Nomrog River bridge and Associated facilities/Project report
PDF 0.60M 2003
Report on potential policy initiatives increasing the export of livestock products from Mongolia
PDF 0.90M 1999
Effective Democratic Governance at Local and Regional level /Conference proceedings/
The Council of Europe
PDF 0.90M 2004
Sustainable Forest Management in Austria
PDF 5.29M 2008
Mongolia consultative group meeting 21 Nov, 2003, Japan /Agrecultural reform, from Survival to Development/
PDF 73.92M 2003
Country Strategy paper /2002-2006/
TASIC program
PDF 0.90M 2001
Strengthen the implementation of laws on Violence Against Women in Mongolia /2006-2008/
Vanessa Griffen, Phd.
PDF 0.80M 2009
Policy alternatives for livestock development in Mongolia /PALD/
Robin Mearns
PDF 0.90M 1993
Land Resources and their management
Giovanna Dore, Anna Corsi, Tanvi Nagpal, Tony Whitten, Robin Mearns
PDF 0.80M 2003
The Mongolian drop out study
PDF 1.04M 2005
The Constitution of Mongolia
PDF 0.90M 1992
Current economy and ICT development situation of Mongola
PDF 0.60M 2002
UPR-Universal periodic review-factsheet on Mongolia
NGO Forum
PDF 0.80M 2010
Fostering the sustainable livelihoods of herderd in Mongolia via collective action
Batsaikhan Usukh, Hans P.Binswanger-Mkhize, Raffael Himmelsbach, Karl Schuler
PDF 11.32M 2010
Investment agreement between Government of Mongolia and Ivanhoe mines mongolia INC LLC and Ivanhoe mines LTD and Rio Tinto international holdings Limited
PDF 0.80M 2010
Non Governmental Organizations and Tax
Open Society Forum
PDF 1.30M 2004
Transparency in reporting on anti-corruption
PDF 0.80M 2009
The Third National Report on the Implementation of Millennium Development Goals
PDF 7.31M 2010
Tertiary Education in Mongolia: Meeting the challenges of the global economy
PDF 0.80M 2010
Human development report 2009 Mongolia
PDF 0.20M 2010
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Welcome to the Development information and resource center (DIRC). This is an on-line archive of policy research reports, assessments, policy recommendations & briefings and public policy documents. This center contains documents about Mongolia’s socio-economic development issues. These documents are carried out by donor organisations, the academic community and NGOs.

The center also offers e-library services to The World Bank, JSTOR, Oxford Reference Books and Cambridge On-line Journals.

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