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Name Type Size [М] Date
Mongolia monthly economic update March 2010
PDF 0.20M 2010
A Public Financial Management Framework for Resource-Producing Countries
PDF 0.50M 2010
A public financial management framework for resourse-producing countries
PDF 0.00M 2010
Mongolia 2004 Election Analysis
PDF 0.10M 2005
Enhancing Policies and Practices for Ger Area Development in Ulaanbaatar
PDF 3.80M 2010
Bibliography of materials related to energy issues in Mongolia
PDF 0.46M 2010
Rethinking State-Local Relations in Mongolia Today: Possible Directions for Local Government Reform /darft/
Tony Levitas
PDF 0.40M 2008
Macroeconomic analysis of Mongolia
PDF 0.21M 2010
The livestock sector related information – study reports, research papers, assessments and project documents
0.00M 2010
Mongolia: Heating in poor, peri-urban ger areas of Ulaanbaatar
PDF 2.06M 2009
Air Pollution of Ulaanbaatar and Urban Development
Urban Air Pollution Analysis for Ulaanbaatar
PDF 3.06M 2007
Indoor Air Pollution in Cold Climates: The Cases of Mongolia and China
PDF 1.08M 2006
Rational allocation of local budget revenues
PDF 0.91M 2009
Ensuring food safety in Mongolia by institutionalizing pre-import inspection system
PDF 0.32M 2009
Politbarometer #4(37), Oct 2009
Sant Maral
PDF 0.21M 2009
Report on the status of court reform in Mongolia
Brent T. White
PDF 0.14M 2009
Country report-Mongolia
PDF 0.24M 2009
The Implications of the Global Financial Crisis for Low-Income Countries
PDF 0.46M 2009
Mongolia Quarterly - October 2008
PDF 0.34M 2008
Coalition of Monitoring and Protection of Human Rights under State of Emergency
PDF 0.30M 2008
Management reforms and public status and collective management of the public universities (in Mongolian)
PDF 0.26M 2008
Mongolia: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix
PDF 0.68M 2008
Financial System Stability Assessment
PDF 0.59M 2008
Mediated Political and Social Participation: Examining the Use of the Internet by Mongolian Government and Civil Society Institutions
Undrahbuyan Baasanjav
PDF 0.17M 2008
A Look into Mongolia’s inflationary situation
PDF 0.14M 2007
Mongolia Human Development Report 2007: Employment and Poverty
PDF 0.06M 2007
Mongolia: Building the skills for the new economy
PDF 0.05M 2007
Politbarometer 31, March 2007
Sant Maral
PDF 0.16M 2007
Politbarometer 32, October 2007
Sant Maral
PDF 0.15M 2007
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Welcome to the Development information and resource center (DIRC). This is an on-line archive of policy research reports, assessments, policy recommendations & briefings and public policy documents. This center contains documents about Mongolia’s socio-economic development issues. These documents are carried out by donor organisations, the academic community and NGOs.

The center also offers e-library services to The World Bank, JSTOR, Oxford Reference Books and Cambridge On-line Journals.

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