Land Reform


The law on privatization of land came into effect on May 01, 2003 commencing a historic phase in land reforms, in particular, and in economy, in general.

In July 2003, the Open Society Forum organized a public consultation meeting about possible activities the Forum could implement under this topic. Based on the outputs of this meeting and additional research, the Forum endeavors to address the following issues under the activity "Land Reform" with the aim to increase transparency in land privatization and reforms process by enhancing access to information, promoting public discourse and monitoring mechanism:

  • Access to information on privatization process. Citizens shall have easy access to information on how to get a piece of private land, so that everyone has an equal opportunity. A Citizen’s Guide to Land Reforms was published by the Open Society Forum.
  • Monitoring mechanisms and public participation. Open Society Forum announced a grant competition for civil society and media organizations to conduct land reform's monitoring. As a result, an NGO, Environment-XXI, was selected to implement the monitoring starting April 2004 in the course of one year.
  • Two policy research fellows are working on a study of important aspects of land reforms. One focuses on economic benefits and losses of land reforms, and the other fellow works on the legal framework for the reforms. For more information on the work of fellows. Forum commissioned also a legal analysis of the Law on Allocating Land for Ownership to Citizens of Mongolia and the Law on Land.

    "Land relations reforms in Mongolia" A presentation of the research "Issues of land relations reforms in Mongolia" and discussion meeting took place in the Open Society Forum (OSF) Conference Hall on March 10, 2005 at 4.00 p.m. The research was conducted by the research fellow R. Ganhuyag within the OSF 2004 Policy Fellowships. Meeting minutes (in Mongolian)


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